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Christmas 2016 schedule

It's almost Christmas - and that means, as with previous years, that I shall be working so others don't have to! ;)

You can hear me on Planet Rock breakfast 6-10am Boxing Day through to 30th Dec inclusive.
I'll be co-hosting Drivetime 4-7pm on talkSPORT from Tues 27th through to 30th Dec inclusive.

talkSPORT stuff and More Planet Rock shows in September 2016

I'm covering Planet Rock Breakfast for Paul Anthony on Fri 2nd September and the whole of the following week 5th-9th September 6-10am - DVD giveaways in the 1st hour plus 'The Full English' and 'Planet Rock Years' every morning.

As for talkSPORT & talkSPORT 2, I'll be hosting talkSPORT's live commentary of Slovakia v England on Sunday 4th September (4pm start, with kick off 5pm) whilst my next talkSPORT 2 Premier League game is on Sat 10th September, where I'll host our exclusive national radio commentary of Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur from the Bet365 Stadium.

KISS/Gene Simmons parody song

I put this song parody together at my home studio for Planet Rock after all the recent stories surrounding Gene Simmons' somewhat controversial comments on a whole host of topics, including Prince, the state of rock and roll and Donald Trump etc.

Paul Stanley ended up both defending and criticising Gene in an ensuing row with Nikki just made me wonder what the other members of KISS really think about Gene's seemingly never-ending opinions on everything...

Enjoy :)

My new 'Football Men' podcast collection goes online!!

My new football podcasts entitled 'Football Men' with the former Crystal Palace, Millwall and Fulham defender Matt Lawrence are now available online!!

You can obtain them via iTunes

And Audioboom

18/10/15 More Planet Rock cover shows to come!

I'll be back on Planet Rock for the week commencing Mon 26th October covering for Darren Redick on the afternoon show 2-7pm, which includes a PR listener's 'Rockblock' at 6pm.

Hope you can join me on;

The very funky NEW Planet Rock app available for iPhone/Android
DAB Digital Radio
Sky Channel 0110
Virgin Media 924
Freesat 730
OR via the website at


Ian x

Ian Gillan "Total Strangers" Parody

All about the news Ritchie Blackmore is set to abandon the "Hey Nonny No Nonny Ninny-O" tunes he does with his wife for a bit, and rock out!

He's playing 4 "rock" gigs in Summer 2016, and I wondered what Ian Gillan, Ritchie's nemesis, would make of the idea, and who would be involved with the abrasive "Man In Black"?



Ian joins Planet Rock!

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that, in addition to my continuing work on TalkSPORT and with etc, I am also joining the presenting team at Planet Rock, covering for the on-air team as and when required.

Indeed, my first presenting shift is this coming Friday 18th September 10am-2pm as cover for Wyatt on his mid-morning show!

NEW E.P. complete and set for release PLUS a 'LIVE' date in London March 2015!!

Hi there and Happy New Year to you, whether you visit this site regularly or if you're a newbie.

Great news on 2 fronts - firstly, my band and I will be performing LIVE in London for the first time in a couple of months time!


Tickets are available via the link below: