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A new show on Planet Rock!

Great news!

After 8 years filling in as 'the cover guy' on Planet Rock, I will now have my own show on the UK's biggest rock radio station!

It starts 7pm MONDAY 2ND OCTOBER - entitled "Monday Night Rocks" as kind of a sister show to Andy Shier's Friday Night Rocks at the same timeslot

It's a chance for me to make a little corner of Planet Rock my own and play some big tunes to help you forget that it's only the start of the working week so you can smash on through to the weekend.

Many thanks to; PR bosses Ric Blaxhill & James Pllu for their support and encouragement; to Paul Anthony, Wyatt & Darren Redick for their friendship and camaraderie in welcoming me into the fold so quickly back in 2015 - to all the great producers I've worked with in my time at the station like current incumbent Ant Arthur who seem to trust me to interview rock stars on occasion for some mad reason.

Also congratulations and good luck to m'colleague Jen Thomas who will be presenting a new late night show Tues-Fri 10pm-1am from 3rd October. Please make her feel very welcome if you're a regular Planet Rock listener.

There is a feature on my new show entitled "DANTS THE NIGHT AWAY" - I want you to please tell me about the one rock song - and not necessarily one by your fave band - that ALWAYS got you on the dance floor at your local rock disco, playing a bit of air guitar or banging your head…

Or maybe there’s a metal classic that you and your partner picked as your wedding dance. Why’d you pick it?

Email me at Planet Rock with your selection -

Thanks all

Ian x

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