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Hello. Feel free to leave a message/comment here for inclusion on this site. I want to know what you think of the content you have to read and listen to on here and will happily post your thoughts for all to see…as long as they’re clean and aren’t libellous etc! Thanks :o))



Nice to see you have your own site at last. Remember you back on BRMB doing the travel in the plane!! Now your on Talksport great stuff.

Followed you for gaes and I remember the Mr Men stuff you did, MR Referree was brilliant.

Hope to catch you at the Villa next season and say Hi to Steve Beebee when you see him next.

Keep up the good work

Thanks John - hopefully

Thanks John - hopefully you've heard the New Jersey stuff I put on the songs page. What a night that was at JB's!! So many people there...a great gig. If I can find our brilliant versions of Blood on Blood or In These Arms from the Robin in 2002 I'll stick em up too.

Cheers mate - speak soon.

Different Solar System

Nice website, famous mate.
Good to hear that tune after such a long time, do you have any more from the demos we did?

I've got most of it, Andy,

I've got most of it, Andy, save for Whatever Happened and Crocodile Tears from the 2nd trip we made to the Bunker - Gray will have those though :o)

I'll try and put One Over The Eight up soon, or maybe Forget About Me...that was a great song!

Hope my brother looked after you ok the other day? ;o)


Saw you in Walthamstow earlier this year and you were awesome! I swear if someone had stumbled in there, they would have sworn it was the real KISS!!

Hey! Great page!

Hey Ian, saw your plug for the site on Facebook, wow, very interesting.. (I am Alllison, that American girl who is crazy about or some say just Crazy...) I had no idea you had so many irons in the fire! Barry (my hubby) has been a radio presenter and he still has the 'bug' to do it again.. funnily enough as you may recall, he is a drummer too! I guess Drummers are the most creative.. lol anyways.. just wanted to say the site is great! See you soon..

Alli xx

Thanks Alli - of course I

Thanks Alli - of course I know you, you big dafty!! :o)

It was nice to see you at Manchester gig - meeting the boyz backsage must've been very special :o)

Drummers? We're FAR FAR more creative than guitarists, bassists and singers would have you believe.... ;o)

Thanks for your kind comments on the site - see you at a DTK show soon I hope!

Pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre

AHA !!!
Just got a memo from Tony Hayers at the BBC telling me you don't have a second series....but if he wants to fall off the roof adjusting the aerial Im sure there might be an opportunity for you.
In the mean time keep up with 'Skirmish', the military based quiz show on cable tv and don't forget to prop up the bar in your fictional nightclub with your fictional listeners.
Don't go eating any mousse as people will think your having a bit of a dirty protest..(again).. and don't forget to put that Corgi trouser press back together.
Sh**y Zombies


Alan, I've spoken to Peter


I've spoken to Peter Baxendale-Thomas of the Norfolk Farmers Union and he's disappointed to see you've released a release book entitled "101 Ways To Cook Infected Spine" and is threatening legal action unless you cease & desist...and get him The Kings Singers' autographs too.

Probably best to take all the point of sale material you have set up at Norwich Station down - you don't want the bloke from Dante Fires seeing you there anyway.

Now go and sort out your sponsorship deal with Toblerone, thanks very much.

I don't suppose you've seen

I don't suppose you've seen any of those giant chickens in South Africa have you ? You know, the ones they keep in big barns that walk around saying "Why am I so massive ?"
On a happier note, I found out recently that Bobby Moore didn't actually invent the skip. There you go, now don't forget to read the small print on your conetract !


Hi Ian! Just been looking at

Hi Ian!

Just been looking at your sight, it's so interesting, I didn't realise you did so many different things!! I'll check it out more later, look forward to hearing some impressions (especially Top Cat lol!) at the next DTK show!!

See you in October!! :)

Ok, Alison you're on -

Ok, Alison you're on - perhaps I'll sing 'Beth' as Top Cat in October for you? Haha!!

See you at the show - take care.

Ian :o)

You know who your mates are....

I think it's important to point out that you wouldn't be where you are today if it were not for those days in Dangerous Games in the late eighties and, more laterly, Americana only a few short years ago. In those two bands, you played alongside some of the best musicians in your street, especially the guitarist. How you failed to namecheck us is both a mystery and, frankly, a disgrace! :)

I have some great photos of you in your early rock days, which show you in "Lloyds Bank" mode, which I'm sure regular readers of this site and your blog would love to see. I'll send them over and dare you to put them up. :)

Happy anniversary and enjoy South Africa ya lucky swine! Love to the wife and kids and see you soon pal.

You'll notice the namecheck

You'll notice the namecheck by now I hope haha!!

Dangerous Games would have been huge had it not been for your obsession with awful Westone guitars, blown speakers on your Wharfdales that should never have been used for a guitar amp, and your desire for us to play the 'Brothers In Arms' album in its entirety. I still wake up with cold sweats wondering how you ever thought 'Ride Across The River' would work with just guitar, bass and drums...

Speak soon mate - and send the pics too...I'm not scared!!! :o))

World Cup

Hi Ian

I hope you are having an amazing time in South Africa, most of the games have been fairly tense affairs but I still love it 3 games a day on terrrestial tv.

The atmosphere int the sun in London on friday afternoon after the South Africa game was great those bloomin horns were sounding all the time.

Good luck with all the commenteries and look forward to seeing a DTK gig when you are back

Thanks HKA - we are having a

Thanks HKA - we are having a great time out here bringing the coverage to everyone back home...hard to tell whether the vuvuzelas are louder than Gary's bass solo isn't it? ;o)

See you at a gig in the autumn I hope, chap.


Like the website

Hi Ian,

I interviewed you for a top talkSPORT-based website way back when. It still pops up as the fifth result when you search your name on Google. I can live with playing second (well, fifth) fiddle to Jim White of the Telegraph!

Always enjoy your work on the radio, particularly Football First on Sunday which is a cracking listen.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks Chris - I do remember

Thanks Chris - I do remember that interview well :o)

Glad you're enjoying the coverage as much as we are out here - all the best for the Super Saddlers next season - it's been too long since I've been to the Bescot/Banks's...maybe a cup run next year could change that? ;o)

Cheers mate


Thanks for replying Ian. Hope

Thanks for replying Ian. Hope we do something of note in one of the cups so you get your return to the Bescot (Banks's if you like) next season. :-)

Enjoyed your commentary on Denmark v Japan last night. The "dream the impossible dream" reference after Honda's belting free-kick was not lost on me. ;-)

Best Wishes,


hi Ian, follow you on talksport, just wondered if you twittered or had a facebook site to see what else you were up to.....brill show keep up the good work..alan p


Hi Dants

Cool site very interesting stuff and good blogs. Is there no end to your talents? And a Bluenose say no more there are more of us out there than people think but nothing much to shout about in my life time ..... D'OH


more des please

Alright Ian,

Can we have more des's dedications on this site, great show on talksport. Up the blues!


Hi Ian, thanks so much for visiting David today - I know he had a great time and left me a very excited message after. It was really good of you to go over to theirs. By the way David told me about this site! Thanks again. Jo

A blast from the past aka Des' Dedications

It's taken me 5 years, but finally I have tracked down the name of the part we used to tune into at the office aka Des' Dedications, would love to hear some again although I can only find the DIY one on-line :-(

Oooh PLEASE put up the Des

Oooh PLEASE put up the Des Lynam "seven days" parody song you did, it was so fab, all these years later the thought of it still makes me laugh. What a fantastic talent you are.

Band Politcs

Hello Ian,

Just read your blog on band Politics, and think the one part of it refers to myself!, Just for the record I know that it was not just you that sacked me!, yet you were the one that I pointed the finger at, and so if I never said sorry Im saying it now, Im Sorry! I think It was a combination of being young, stupid, arrogance, & if Im been completly truthful Jealousey.

I would have sacked me too!, I was an arse and wasn`t that good anyway, the one vocalist that SGW had that was great was A.Booker, a proper Singer, and the little I knew of him he seemed a great guy. Its a shame nothing came of SGW.

Sorry to hear you are leaving DTK, I know how much you loved it, but never say never, you never no whats around the corner!

Anyway all the best mate.

John bless you, but you're

John bless you, but you're being far too hard on yourself as a singer! You proved that beyond all doubt during our great times in New Jersey. You were brilliant. Simples! :)

Miss those days, mate. Hope you're well!

Thanks for that my friend !

Thanks for that my friend !

I take it / hope my apology has been accepted!, 20 years too late!

Take care mate, and all the best.


Common Courtesy

Oi Oi. Enjoyed the Rush gig last night at the MEN, what a great gig eh? I'm still humming Time Stands Still now. More importantly, it was good to have your company again after what seems like an eternity and lovely to see Nat and the kids again too.... thanks for a great night matey.

After ribbing you about unhealthy social networking obsessions, I just had to have a look to see what you were furiously tapping into your phone on facetwit last night when you should have been talking to me, thus committing a serious breach of common courtesy....and having now seen them, I haven't changed my view. ;-)

I came to have a look at you blogs tonight too, having not read them since the World Cup. The one about your late Dad (top man RIP) brought a lump to my throat. I also felt a little sick, the reasons why I will tell you privately when I next see you.

But, your continued deliberate attempt to airbrush Dangerous Games from your musical history continues to cause upset here in Redditch and I would like this corrected sharpish. Solihull Tech (playing through a Sony Hifi and Wharfdale speakers), Berkswell Reading Rooms supporting Pathfinder ("sabotage!!"), Hampton Community Hall ("boom boom, you're Malcolm Stent"), interviewed live on BBC WM at Pebble Mill ("I'd rather go see Magnum"), Earl Grey at The Engine pub ("Jodrell Bank Ears"), the gear theft from the BoatCar and the race around town to apprehend the thieves, Dingerus Gomes at the Birrel Argen ("Live"), Hes Lemmings (Solihull's most reputable agent) trying to leg it with the wages from the Shelley Farm gig only to apprehended by Uncle Lester in the car park, the creation of classic songs that would grace any iPod shuffle like Anthem, I've Got A Problem (played live to the subject of the song!), What Is Happening To Us and Stay In My Heart..... just a taste of critical matters for this blog thing of yours. These things happened, they shaped you, they were the template of your future life. Sort it. Common Courtesy indeed! ;-)

Hope to see more of you and the tribe from here, it's always too long and I apologise for my part in that. You know who yer mates are. Top Drawer, snudge.... Keep Right On.

Haha! If you only knew what

Haha! If you only knew what I've been typing out these last few days!...well, you will know soon enough :o)

Great to see you too, pal - thought we'd never see Rush again over here after R30, so to witness it all TWICE more? Fabulous.


hi dants, gr8 site, keep beliveing in them blue boys, kro

Barmy Brummy

I've just caught a showreel on soundcloud. I remember i used to listen to this everyday after school. This was quality radio at its finest. There isn't a show on air now that is as funny as this show still is now. Birmingham needs you!

Your New Album

Good Afternoon Mr Danter. I am a great fan of talk sport, thats where I heard I heard you very enjoyable. I have just bought your new Album.Prove You Wrong at this moment listen to Whiskey in a Wine Glass, Really enjoying your album, even Old Rockers like me,(age 72 this April) love great music. Thank you very much. Gerard.

Great blog mate

Dants , really enjoying reading your World Cup blog , keep up the good work , nice insight into the media trials and tribulations the camerarderie of reporters , commentators on all networks.
Great to have a Bluenose in the thick of things KRO

Keep up the great work!

Hi Dants - I've enjoyed your TalkSport contributions for many years (much more articulate than many others on the radio). However, it was when I found you on Planet Rock that my admiration really grew. First impressions - he's from TalkSport...what the hell does he know about my wonderful classic rock to muscle into my favourite station? Well, it only took a short while to realise that you were a knowledgable and true rock fan, and I had found a kindred spirit. I'm now discovering your own excellent musical skills - and just wanted you to know that your time on Planet Rock is much appreciated from a classic rock/prog rock fan from the 1970s who can spot a 'Planet Rock bluffer' easily and can say that you, along with Paul, Darren and Mark - are most definitely the real deal. Keep up your excellent reminiscences, chat and excellent music choices (playlist restrictions excepted of course!) Well done, Ian - keep up the great work!

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