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KISS/Gene Simmons parody song

I put this song parody together at my home studio for Planet Rock after all the recent stories surrounding Gene Simmons' somewhat controversial comments on a whole host of topics, including Prince, the state of rock and roll and Donald Trump etc.

Paul Stanley ended up both defending and criticising Gene in an ensuing row with Nikki just made me wonder what the other members of KISS really think about Gene's seemingly never-ending opinions on everything...

Enjoy :)


Great show and station

Listening to your show. Love the Parity songs, the first one I heard was the Scorpions. I listen from across the pound. Would love to here "Steam boat Annie" by heart as a kid we would watch them from outside a tavern here in Vancouver, Wash. The Ladies were very friendly and always had time to see what us kids had going on when the others were setting up.

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