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The Loneliness of the Short Distance Reporter No.4 - June 14th 2016

“A Golden generation” – the glib catchphrase that’s trotted out more times than a pantomime horse on a theatre stage in this modern era of international football.

England’s has supposedly come and gone with Sven’s time; Wales are right slap bang in the middle of one having missed chances with previous incarnations; Northern Ireland and Iceland are surely experiencing one at the moment…and then there’s Belgium.

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter. No.3 June 13th 2016

Should've blogged yesterday really, but there's not much to say about long interminable waits in airport departure lounges awaiting delayed connecting flights. And I'd come across as a moaner, which I'm not really.

I've had a few moans come my way on social media for suggesting that Wales' win over Slovakia was a perfect example of their togetherness and commitment-and no little skill from Bale, Allen and others too. But that's not enough to escape the 'lucky' tag from some correspondents to me and talk of a 'scuffed winner'.

So what?

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter - No.2. June 11th 2016

Grève - a strike.

There's your French lesson for the day. I learned that word pretty swiftly on my first day in Bordeaux, a day of 'trams, planes and not-so-mobiles'.

The plane part from Gatwick was straightforward enough, and once outside the arrivals building, I even successfully negotiated my way to where the shuttle bus was, utilising the kind of spoken French not heard since Arthur Bostrom was in his pomp.

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter #1 Jun 10th 2016

As usual, I have absolutely no idea what to expect over the next month, other than anticipating a lot of stress in making flights potentially affected by hastily called air traffic control disputes, a lot of lying awake wondering if the phone will ring at 5.57am to cover Alan Brazil, and hopefully a lot of scintillating football.

I'm back behind the TalkSPORT commentary mic for Euro 2016, a role I last had in South Africa for the station 6 years ago, before my gigs as a Matchday/Programme host and then England correspondent in subsequent times.

10th September 2015 - In response to a question oft asked...

Many’s the time I’ve received a message either through this here website, or a Tweet/Facebook message – sometimes even a personal email finds its way to me via a 3rd party – asking for advice on how to ‘make it’ in the radio industry.

Giving an answer feels almost fraudulent from my personal perspective, as my route into broadcasting was about as conventional as a Hawkwind B-side. But let me try and answer as best I can, all the same.

21st July 2015 - Mixing and Mastering, or Mastering mixing...

I have to tell you that few things are more satisfying in life than hearing the producer of your album that you’ve laboured over for 18 months say, “That’s it – job’s a good ‘un mate!”

The other week, Alex Cooper and I finally completed work on what will be released in September 2015 as ‘Second Time Around’ – what’s known in the trade as a ‘sophomore release’ apparently…certainly saves the need for overuse of the word ‘second’ in my case.

My new L.P. tracks and song descriptions

So here we are again as I prepare to unleash original material once more.

I had lots of positive responses to my song-by-song descriptions and history for 'Prove You Wrong' on here, so I thought I'd repeat the dose for my upcoming Second full CD album that is set for release later in the year, and there are 3 tracks (Chinese Whispers, Second Time Around & All Comes Back To Rock) that will be released via ITunes during late March, around the time of my LIVE show at the Half Moon Putney on Mon 30th March - ticket details are available on my news 'ticker'.

Anyway, the songs...


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