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NEWS!!!! New podcast available NOW!!

First off, I hope everyone reading this is finding their way as best they can through the current lockdown situation we all find ourselves in.

The lockdown has prompted many of us with free time to pursue things not normally planned, no matter how much fun they might be! In my case, it does now give me a chance to complete the guitars and vocals for my third solo album. But also I’ve finally got round to locating all the old radio show material I had on minidisc and make a show out of it all.

And so, Ian Danter’s Barmy Old Podcast is born! BRMB & Heart FM memories from 2000-2006 galore!!

Hopefully it’ll be every week - at least until things show signs of getting back to at least relative normality, and then we’ll see after that - so long as there’s a demand for it too. Episode one has been very well received (with Ep.2 being edited as I type this) and here’s how you can obtain it:

Apple podcasts:




Audioboom: (for Ep.1)

Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any requests for old sketches or songs that you somehow remember, just reply to this blog and I’ll pick it up.

Thanks all!

Ian x

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