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Thursday 27th May

So Ollie and Blackpool DID make it after all!! Deservedly so? Possibly, but Cardiff contributed so much to that gripping play-off final - it’d be scandalous for Dave Jones to be overlooked by the club’s new board and not be allowed to continue as manager.

I’m on the train to London again – this time in midweek, though. talkSPORT are launching the station’s World Cup coverage tonight at a do in Marylebone Station. All of us commentator/reporter types have been asked to show their faces…but once I learned that Alan Brazil would be hosting the evenings entertainment, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got the call saying “Dants, would you be available to do the breakfast show on Friday morning, mate?”

So that’s that then – off to the Alan Partridge travel tavern after tonight’s festivities and dismantle my Corby trouser press ahead of 4 hours kip, then off to work at the studio for 4 hours.

I’m always asked “What’s it like working with such and such?” or “Is so and so genuinely a wazzock like he is on air?” or “How come you’re uglier than I expected?”. All these questions get fair answers (well maybe not the last one), but there are a minority of idiots who phrase such questions in entirely the wrong way - as in “Why is X such a c***?” I mean, how on earth can you answer that???

Whoever it was that said “If you can’t say anything nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all” was bang on. I’ll have banter (with Danter) about my work colleagues any day of the week with anyone, but when it starts getting personal I tune out very very quickly.

More often than not of course, the ones with a bad attitude are never speaking to me face to face, but rather are safely hidden away behind a keyboard and mouse sending me messages on facebook or something like that. Brave isn’t it? Abusing the right to ‘free speech’ to pollute your own little inconsequential parts of cyberspace with childish drivel? Thanks but no thanks, so go and crawl back under your rock there’s a good chap.

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