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10th September 2015 - In response to a question oft asked...

Many’s the time I’ve received a message either through this here website, or a Tweet/Facebook message – sometimes even a personal email finds its way to me via a 3rd party – asking for advice on how to ‘make it’ in the radio industry.

Giving an answer feels almost fraudulent from my personal perspective, as my route into broadcasting was about as conventional as a Hawkwind B-side. But let me try and answer as best I can, all the same.

21st July 2015 - Mixing and Mastering, or Mastering mixing...

I have to tell you that few things are more satisfying in life than hearing the producer of your album that you’ve laboured over for 18 months say, “That’s it – job’s a good ‘un mate!”

The other week, Alex Cooper and I finally completed work on what will be released in September 2015 as ‘Second Time Around’ – what’s known in the trade as a ‘sophomore release’ apparently…certainly saves the need for overuse of the word ‘second’ in my case.

My new L.P. tracks and song descriptions

So here we are again as I prepare to unleash original material once more.

I had lots of positive responses to my song-by-song descriptions and history for 'Prove You Wrong' on here, so I thought I'd repeat the dose for my upcoming Second full CD album that is set for release later in the year, and there are 3 tracks (Chinese Whispers, Second Time Around & All Comes Back To Rock) that will be released via ITunes during late March, around the time of my LIVE show at the Half Moon Putney on Mon 30th March - ticket details are available on my news 'ticker'.

Anyway, the songs...

28th November 2014 - FM, AOR and possibly other acronyms

November 11th 1986. It was one of the very few times in my young life that I'd got tickets for the very front at the Birmingham Odeon. Bon Jovi were on their 'Slippery When Wet' tour and were just breaking big in the UK thanks to their Desmond Child co-writes becoming Top 10 hits. But for us lot from 'rockers/hippy corner' at Solihull 6th Form College, the support band were just as much of a draw.

17th November 2014-Corporate Hostility - the malaise & misuse of Wembley

Saturday night, I witnessed a right shambolic rabble at Wembley – disinterested, easily distracted & disappeared when they were most needed. Not the team (necessarily) but actually England ‘supporters’ - for want of a better word - showing just why the national stadium, built as a shrine to English football, is fast becoming just another place to buy a ticket for in Leicester Square if you want to lord it in hospitality with an important international qualification match as a mere sideshow.

TLOTLDR - Final World Cup blog (26th June 2014)

The World Cup is just going to have to do without me from this point.

I'm sat at the Lemmy in my room tapping out my final thoughts before the sun sets and my cab arrives to whisk - well, trundle - me to the international airport. My predecessor in this job, the excellent John Anderson remarked to me upon knowing I was making an early exit; "That's the great thing about following England, Dants - you're never in for the long haul"

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 22 (22nd June 2014)

The slow death of this England trip continues.

Most of my press colleagues at the Lemmy are staying on to cover various groups & outcomes, some as far as the quarters, some all the way to the final on 13th July.

For me, though, I shan't be far behind England's players in touching back down at Heathrow - news that will delight the haters and knuckle draggers.

It's funny, John Cross and I share opposing thoughts on England at times, but I don't demand Crossy should be sacked for having that viewpoint. Good old Twitter eh? Lovely people, just lovely :)

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 21 (21st June 2014)

'Honesty, is such a lonely word,
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty, is hardly ever heard,
And mostly what I need from you.'

Billy Joel there - still sounds fresh (sorry, just lapsed into DJ mode there for a second).

Now we've all had a day or two to digest the events in São Paulo coupled with Costa Rica seeing off the Italians, the 'Hodgson In' & 'Hodgson Out' campaigns have begun in earnest in print, on air, and in every pub, club and bar you can think of.


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