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TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 22 (22nd June 2014)

The slow death of this England trip continues.

Most of my press colleagues at the Lemmy are staying on to cover various groups & outcomes, some as far as the quarters, some all the way to the final on 13th July.

For me, though, I shan't be far behind England's players in touching back down at Heathrow - news that will delight the haters and knuckle draggers.

It's funny, John Cross and I share opposing thoughts on England at times, but I don't demand Crossy should be sacked for having that viewpoint. Good old Twitter eh? Lovely people, just lovely :)

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 21 (21st June 2014)

'Honesty, is such a lonely word,
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty, is hardly ever heard,
And mostly what I need from you.'

Billy Joel there - still sounds fresh (sorry, just lapsed into DJ mode there for a second).

Now we've all had a day or two to digest the events in São Paulo coupled with Costa Rica seeing off the Italians, the 'Hodgson In' & 'Hodgson Out' campaigns have begun in earnest in print, on air, and in every pub, club and bar you can think of.

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 20 (20th June 2014)

So it's all going to be a bit eggy for the next few days.

England will be back at the Urca training camp on Saturday, preparing for what looks set to be a meaningless game (at least on our part) against Costa Rica next week. 

When we walk back into the media centre there, some minds might take a look at the purpose built facility with it's whitewashed walls and bright white tiled floors and wonder if this just another white elephant of English football. Like St George's Park? Like Wembley in both its guises? Like Lilleshall was before that?

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 17 (17th June 2014)

So I'm staying of course at the Leme hotel (pronounced 'Lemmy') and after last night it's clear that it's 'No Sleep Til São Paulo'! (Another in joke for the headbangers)

Couldn't get a wink of sleep - having to get out if bed, dress and go to the lobby to do a report into the breakfast show at 3.45am local time just broke the monotony of staring at the blinking red light of the smoke alarm in my room, strategically positioned right above the bed so as to burn into your retina even when you have your eyes firmly shut trying to block it out.


TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 16 (16th June 2014)

I counted them all out and I counted them all back again as the full 23-man squad participated in England's 1st training session post Manaus.

Heartening to see Alex Oxlade Chamberlain ditching the surgical knee brace and opt merely for heavy strapping on his injured knee. Whilst he didn't get involved in every warm up drill, the sharpness he showed initially appears to have vindicated Roy's decision to keep him here and trust his recovery time.

We got a feed of the ITV coverage in our Media Centre's radio room of Germany vs Portugal...eventually anyway, thanks to Daniel Sturridge!

TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 14 (June 14th 2014)

Eating at a hotel breakfast buffet on your tod is about as frustrating as Birmingham City's home form. The moment you move from your spot, strategically leaving a near full glass of orange juice to mark your territory, someone from the staff swipes it before your anywhere near returning with the mini croissants. So you leave the mini croissants to recharge a fresh (warm & straight out of the dishwasher) glass with juice and next thing you know, the pastries have gone! It's an elaborate dance that can go on indefinitely. Serves me right for being Billy no mates.


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