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13th June 2013 - Friends will be haters

Online abuse. The de rigeur occupational hazard for journalists and broadcasters.

It affects those in such professions in different ways. Some respond to such abuse with direct confrontation that can dangerously escalate, some attempt reasoned argument with their tormentor, others feign indifference all the while compounding their insecurities, and a few simply wither on the vine. Many just plough on regardless.

4th June 2013 - Rush: An Appreciation (no, not the footballer)

In this past week, two 3-piece rock acts have been touring the enormo-domes of the UK to great critical acclaim.

Thing is, I wonder whether Muse will still be touring such venues 40 years into their career as Rush are doing now. If they aren’t, it probably won’t even be their fault or under their control, given the gradual disintegration of the music business to a mere short-term popularity phone and text in contest.

25th March 2013 - Dants, 'Prove You Wrong' is here - hello Jeanine...

Well, it’s out. I’ve only gone and done it and released an album.

When I first plink-plonked around the piano in our house as a small child, I had no pretensions of making a record. Of course I didn’t – at such a tender age, the perspective needed to map out your career path simply wasn’t there in your mind. You weren’t thinking beyond your next quarter of Strawberry bonbons from Lavells round the corner.


***********TWO MASSIVE PIECES OF NEWS***********

I am thrilled to announce that my debut album 'Prove You Wrong' will be officially released on CD/iTunes on MONDAY MARCH 18TH 2013 and will be available to buy through my website here - a 'splash' page will appear here soon with samples of each tune to hear and purchase details. Each CD purchased will be personally signed by me

There will be a digital only single, 'She's From A Different Solar System' released during February 2013 prior to the album's release which again will be available on my website - details to follow.

13th Jan 2013 - New Year, New Cover Shifts, New Album...

I think I can safely say that this past Christmas and New Year has been the busiest and most productive in my entire working life.

To be fair, I’m used to grafting over the festive period whilst others are sinking into the sofa debating which Quality Street are which and how many variations on a theme you can get out of the remains of the turkey.

My Xmas & New Year 2012/3 talkSPORT schedule

Here's where you can hear me over the busy footballing festive period on talkSPORT

Xmas Eve - 4-7pm Drivetime w/ Darren Gough

Boxing Day - 7-10pm Football First with Ray Houghton

Thurs/Fri 27th & 28th Dec - 4-7pm Drivetime w/ Goughie

Sat 29th Dec Charlton/Derby reports, then 9pm-12am Football First with Alvin Martin

Sun 30th Dec 12noon-4pm Sunday Exclusive with Matt Holland (inc Everton/Chelsea LIVE)

Mon 31st Dec 10pm-1am New Years Eve Sports Bar with Paul McVeigh

1st Nov 2012 - Saddlers Up? It would be nice

My Twitter timeline flashed up some news yesterday that wouldn’t have had too much significance for too many in the football world – namely that Walsall manager Dean Smith has been given a new 2 ½ year deal to manage the Saddlers after a highly pleasing start to their League 1 campaign. The season before, Smith had worked brilliantly to help Walsall beat the drop despite the usual restrictive budget that managers in that part of the Midlands have always had to deal with.

Album News 25th Oct 2012

I am delighted to annouce that my debut album, to be entitled 'Prove You Wrong', will be released in early 2013.

Also, I have this week been taken on by QEDG Management (who also represent Uriah Heep, Asia & Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash amongst others) and they will be overseeing the release and promotion of the album.

I look forward to working with Martin and the team at QEDG so that 'Prove You Wrong' gets to be heard around the world!


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