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Barmy Brummies/Sunday Carve Up Audio found - podcast in the works!!

Right, I've promised to do this many a time, but I've finally got around to it!

I've located all the mini-discs and CD's containing sketches and songs from both my BRMB 'Barmy Brummies' Drivetime show which ran from 2000-2002 and also my Heart FM 'Sunday Carve Up' programme which ran from 2004-2006.

I'm going to put together an occasional podcast of selected material from these shows and share some memories that lots of Brummies & Midlanders will have for this stuff.

Monday 23rd December 2013 - Christmas/New Year Blog

First of all, I should take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that 2014 brings you everything that you wish for. Thanks for visiting this site too, however often it is that you stop by. I’ve had another varied, exciting and interesting year in many ways, and next year promises to be no different as things look from here.

2014 will also bring a couple of personal anniversaries into view for me. Actually 3, come to think about it.

Thurs 10th October 2013 - A World With Heroes...

Who was it that stated ‘Never meet your heroes’?

Such a rule of thumb is clearly designed to leave those whom we idolise firmly on the pedestal that keeps them at 15 arm’s lengths from us mere mortals. How depressing would it surely be to encounter someone you’ve held in the highest possible regard, only for them to disappoint and depress you with bad gags, bad attitudes or simply bad body odour within seconds of touching the hem of their garment?

29th July 2013 - The season to come...

So here we go again.

Sometimes, it's easy to feel sorry for the hardy perennials of the Premier League who sometimes give their faithful supporters either a bit of a fright or a faint glimpse of glory, only for mediocrity to rise again and leave you with that feeling akin to leaving a gorgeous roast dinner with all the trimmings half just feel under-nourished somehow.

13th June 2013 - Friends will be haters

Online abuse. The de rigeur occupational hazard for journalists and broadcasters.

It affects those in such professions in different ways. Some respond to such abuse with direct confrontation that can dangerously escalate, some attempt reasoned argument with their tormentor, others feign indifference all the while compounding their insecurities, and a few simply wither on the vine. Many just plough on regardless.

4th June 2013 - Rush: An Appreciation (no, not the footballer)

In this past week, two 3-piece rock acts have been touring the enormo-domes of the UK to great critical acclaim.

Thing is, I wonder whether Muse will still be touring such venues 40 years into their career as Rush are doing now. If they aren’t, it probably won’t even be their fault or under their control, given the gradual disintegration of the music business to a mere short-term popularity phone and text in contest.

25th March 2013 - Dants, 'Prove You Wrong' is here - hello Jeanine...

Well, it’s out. I’ve only gone and done it and released an album.

When I first plink-plonked around the piano in our house as a small child, I had no pretensions of making a record. Of course I didn’t – at such a tender age, the perspective needed to map out your career path simply wasn’t there in your mind. You weren’t thinking beyond your next quarter of Strawberry bonbons from Lavells round the corner.


***********TWO MASSIVE PIECES OF NEWS***********

I am thrilled to announce that my debut album 'Prove You Wrong' will be officially released on CD/iTunes on MONDAY MARCH 18TH 2013 and will be available to buy through my website here - a 'splash' page will appear here soon with samples of each tune to hear and purchase details. Each CD purchased will be personally signed by me

There will be a digital only single, 'She's From A Different Solar System' released during February 2013 prior to the album's release which again will be available on my website - details to follow.


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