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The Loneliness of the Short Distance Reporter No.4 - June 14th 2016

“A Golden generation” – the glib catchphrase that’s trotted out more times than a pantomime horse on a theatre stage in this modern era of international football.

England’s has supposedly come and gone with Sven’s time; Wales are right slap bang in the middle of one having missed chances with previous incarnations; Northern Ireland and Iceland are surely experiencing one at the moment…and then there’s Belgium.

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter. No.3 June 13th 2016

Should've blogged yesterday really, but there's not much to say about long interminable waits in airport departure lounges awaiting delayed connecting flights. And I'd come across as a moaner, which I'm not really.

I've had a few moans come my way on social media for suggesting that Wales' win over Slovakia was a perfect example of their togetherness and commitment-and no little skill from Bale, Allen and others too. But that's not enough to escape the 'lucky' tag from some correspondents to me and talk of a 'scuffed winner'.

So what?

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter - No.2. June 11th 2016

Grève - a strike.

There's your French lesson for the day. I learned that word pretty swiftly on my first day in Bordeaux, a day of 'trams, planes and not-so-mobiles'.

The plane part from Gatwick was straightforward enough, and once outside the arrivals building, I even successfully negotiated my way to where the shuttle bus was, utilising the kind of spoken French not heard since Arthur Bostrom was in his pomp.

The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Reporter #1 Jun 10th 2016

As usual, I have absolutely no idea what to expect over the next month, other than anticipating a lot of stress in making flights potentially affected by hastily called air traffic control disputes, a lot of lying awake wondering if the phone will ring at 5.57am to cover Alan Brazil, and hopefully a lot of scintillating football.

I'm back behind the TalkSPORT commentary mic for Euro 2016, a role I last had in South Africa for the station 6 years ago, before my gigs as a Matchday/Programme host and then England correspondent in subsequent times.

KISS/Gene Simmons parody song

I put this song parody together at my home studio for Planet Rock after all the recent stories surrounding Gene Simmons' somewhat controversial comments on a whole host of topics, including Prince, the state of rock and roll and Donald Trump etc.

Paul Stanley ended up both defending and criticising Gene in an ensuing row with Nikki just made me wonder what the other members of KISS really think about Gene's seemingly never-ending opinions on everything...

Enjoy :)

My new 'Football Men' podcast collection goes online!!

My new football podcasts entitled 'Football Men' with the former Crystal Palace, Millwall and Fulham defender Matt Lawrence are now available online!!

You can obtain them via iTunes

And Audioboom

18/10/15 More Planet Rock cover shows to come!

I'll be back on Planet Rock for the week commencing Mon 26th October covering for Darren Redick on the afternoon show 2-7pm, which includes a PR listener's 'Rockblock' at 6pm.

Hope you can join me on;

The very funky NEW Planet Rock app available for iPhone/Android
DAB Digital Radio
Sky Channel 0110
Virgin Media 924
Freesat 730
OR via the website at


Ian x

Ian Gillan "Total Strangers" Parody

All about the news Ritchie Blackmore is set to abandon the "Hey Nonny No Nonny Ninny-O" tunes he does with his wife for a bit, and rock out!

He's playing 4 "rock" gigs in Summer 2016, and I wondered what Ian Gillan, Ritchie's nemesis, would make of the idea, and who would be involved with the abrasive "Man In Black"?




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