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Stronger Than That

This tune was one of four tracks that I recorded back in 1998 at the home studio belonging to Ron Rogers, the T’Pau guitarist who wrote the band’s 2 biggest hits in the 80’s, namely ‘China In Your Hand’ and ‘Heart & Soul’. Ron & I had become good friends through my time with Welsh glamsters Sons Of God, and he had produced some of that band’s material at his farmhouse.

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Mr Pussycat Sketch

Another Ian Danter ‘benchmark’ item here, which all started when my writing team at BRMB and I were sat around discussing ideas when I read in a newspaper that the classic children’s Mr Men stories were 30 years old (this would be the year 2000 if I remember correctly). Sean was aware that I did a good impression of Arthur Lowe, who famously narrated these stories for the 1970’s TV show, and so we started coming up with our own tales – Mr Dole-ite, Mr Taxi Driver, Mr Footballer etc etc – Sean hated cats and therefore found this one easy to write.

Steve Bruce & BCFC ‘Seven’

As a lifelong Birmingham City fan, I have had course to rip the what-nots out of my beloved club on occasion – this being just one example – it was early 2006 and Blues were at home to Liverpool in an FA Cup 6th Round replay. A huge night for Bluenoses and I was there reporting on the game for talkSPORT.

By 90 minutes I was sinking lower and lower in the press box as goal after horrible goal went in at our end, prompting me to tell talkSPORT’s listeners that it had been a clash of ‘not men against boys, more men against amoebas…’


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