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World Cup 11/6/10 - Day 1

Well we made it! It’s been a hectic 36 hours or so via planes trains and automobiles, but myself and a few colleagues met up with those who’d already flown out to our Johannesburg base first thing this morning. Despite the BA strike still being in effect, out plane left Heathrow pretty much on schedule, and with a full compliment of crew – even though some of the lads were gutted that we had male stewards in our section in the absence of any working trolley dollies.


**I've already had questions sent to me about the origins of some of the tunes you can hear on the musician page, which is currently under construction and being tweaked to make it the best it can be. So meantime, the blurb below gives you both an idea of how I came to record this stuff, as well as who it was recorded with and when. Read on....**


Since around 1985 I’ve been playing drums or guitar in one band or another.

Saturday 5th June

How I love shuffle mode on the ipod. It doubtless knackers your hard drive over time, but what it gives you in return is the chance of being instantly transported back to a place & time you didn’t expect to revisit when you stuck the earphones in.

Tonight was a classic case in point, as the first track up as I came home on the train from London was an obscure track called “Unchain The Night” from the equally obscure 80’s metal band Dokken.


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