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Sun 18th July - Back Home!

I’ve been home for a week now, but my feet have barely touched the floor since touching down at Heathrow last Saturday morning.

There is definitely something to be said for taking a break after such a hectic June and early July, but broadcasting is no respecter of schedules at the best of times and it’s something you have to learn to live with. Be flexible, be available and be professional, or be off with you. That’s not to say I’m not having a holiday this year – far from it – but not quite yet…

World Cup 5/7/10 - Day 25

Another day, another flight and another hotel room – so this is why rock bands go crackers on the road. At least the setting here is stunning – Cape Town’s Table Mountain looks down on our suite and the entire city, and it’s futuristic-looking Green Point Stadium is the setting for tomorrow’s semi-final between the swaggering Dutch and the rather ‘handy’ Uruguayans.

World Cup 3/7/10 - Day 23

Well that was a mad 24 hours and no mistake.

Ray & I were dispatched to Port Elizabeth first thing Friday morning to cover Holland Brazil in a slight change of plan - we were due to do both Jo'burg games, but as Stan & Jim couldn't get flights from P.E. to Cape Town, it was easier for us to fly in and out on the same day and for Stan & Jim to do the same in Cape Town today for Germany's annihilation of least we scored against the Germans. Twice.

World Cup 29/6/10 - Day 19

Well everyone and the neighbour's terrapin have had their say on England it seems. Being removed 5000 miles or so from the 'word on the street' so to speak, you're reliant out here on the online content of our newspapers and the general malaise amongst my facebook friends, most of whom have been using swear words even they never thought themselves capable of using.

I've vented my spleen at players & FA bigwig coaching idiots in my previous blog, and there is no point in repeating yourself unless you're AC/DC, who are quite fantastic at it. So be it.


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