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Tues 8th November 2011 - How it all 1500 feet.

I am just one of countless broadcasters (especially in the sporting field) who is asked one question more than any other – namely “How did you get into radio?” or sometimes, as it was asked by a chap who met me at Gems TV once “How the hell did YOU get into radio?” Seriously, it has been asked in that way without the slightest concern over my reaction to the tone of it. Charming.

Kick Off cover tonight! (31st Oct) plus the week to come...

Hello all!

First off, thanks for your regular visits to the site - much appreciated.

Right then - the week ahead! I'm presenting Kick Off on talkSPORT tonight (31st Oct) from 7-10pm alongside Stan Collymore - Small Heath vs Witton then... ;o)

Then you can join me on Tuesday night for live commentary on Valencia v Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League, with Valencia looking to close a 4 point gap on their visitors.

Sun 30th October - Has 4-2-3-won you over yet?

Arsenal win 5-3? at Chelsea? Man City win 6-1 at United? United thump Arsenal 8-2? What the Dickens is going on in English football? Freak results come along of course...Spurs thumping Wigan 9-1 at the Lane 2 years ago for example - but we're barely a quarter of the way into the season and those 25 goals in 3 games between Champions League sides have rightly raised questions about the balance English sides are trying to strike between offensive ideals and defensive solidity.

Busy weekend 15th/16th October

I'm off to report on West Ham Blackpool for talkSPORT on Sat 15th Oct and then hot-footing it back to talkSPORT towers to present Football First at 9pm alongside Alvin Martin.

Then a drive home for a few hours kip before heading off to the Sunday lunchtime kick-off at The Hawthorns. West Brom/Wolves is talkSPORT's exclusive national radio commentary at midday and I'm part of the commentary team there.

Weds 28th September - Carjack-anory

It’s coming up for a decade since the most terrifying day of my life. Not a week goes by when I’m not reminded of the morning when I was carjacked/kidnapped in broad daylight in the centre of Birmingham.

The day had started like so many in 2001. I was presenting 4-7pm Drivetime at BRMB Radio with my ‘Barmy Brummies’ show, but in order to prepare all the sketches and songs we wrote every day to keep the programme fresh, it meant coming into work at around 10am to do stuff with my co-writer Sean and record it all from lunchtime into the early afternoon.

Football First on Saturday 24th Sept

My talkSPORT Football First show will be from 9-midnight on Sat 24th Sept and this week I'll be joined by former Chief Football Writer for the News Of The World, Neil Ashton - and I'm delighted to say that Neil is back in sports journalism writing for the Daily Mail, who he left for the NOTW a couple of years ago.

Looking forward to working with him...and that's after I've been to the Emirates to see Arsenal take on Bolton, with reports into Matchday Live on talkSPORT from midday

Mon 19th Sept 2011 - Match of the Day(dream)

I have more in common with Dave Grohl than I first thought.

Not only am I a drummer who plays guitar and sings his own songs, but having watched the brilliant ‘Back & Forth’ Foo Fighters DVD documentary the other day, one of the first things he said was about the recurring dream he used to have as a kid where he’d be at a concert and the announcement comes over the PA saying “I’m afraid the gig is cancelled as the drummer tonight has broken his arm…unless there’s a drummer in the house who can play the songs…?”


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