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Ian joins Planet Rock!

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that, in addition to my continuing work on TalkSPORT and with etc, I am also joining the presenting team at Planet Rock, covering for the on-air team as and when required.

Indeed, my first presenting shift is this coming Friday 18th September 10am-2pm as cover for Wyatt on his mid-morning show!

You won't need me to tell you how pleased I am to be part of another yet radio success story. talkSPORT has grown massively in the 11 years and counting that I've been working there, and Planet Rock has similarly built a huge audience in recent years on Digital Radio. Of course, the music mix on Planet Rock is right up my street...although I doubt I'll be able to sneak any of my original tunes onto the playlist!! :)

I hope you can all tune in and give me some support - I can promise you that, as I make my return to music radio nearly a decade on, the odd parody song is bound to crop up on my shows...only this time with a Planet Rock bent!!

Just to reiterate, this won't change anything with talkSPORT as I continue to report on matches and cover shows for them - it's great to add another string to the broadcasting bow ! :)

Really looking forward to being part of the team with Paul, Wyatt, Darren, Sam and the other regular presenters. See you on the air Friday 10am!!


Ian xx


Good news Cat

About time your on planet rock, right up your street!
We told em to go for you after the Marrakech holiday, glad they got round to it.

All the best, Carmel and jason.

Good lucjk and Shooter at the half moon

Hi Ian
Good luck and if you do the get chance (and if you want to come let me know..although you are probably doing League cup I'm guessing) details below

Dear Dear Friends
With only SIX DAYS to go we have sold quite a few tickets (thanks to those that have) but need a load more to go so please go the link below and click on it..then just buy your's easy!!.
Includes a free copy of the CD for every person who buys a ticket and turns up on the nite
We have a great young support band in SOUTHBOUND so…

Get your tickets here >>>

plus here is the video of TURN IT UP (And I know Wyatt and Paul have copies of this (although I did stop the incessant mailing to them!!)
If not no worries and good luck with your launch!

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