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Barmy Brummies/Sunday Carve Up Audio found - podcast in the works!!

Right, I've promised to do this many a time, but I've finally got around to it!

I've located all the mini-discs and CD's containing sketches and songs from both my BRMB 'Barmy Brummies' Drivetime show which ran from 2000-2002 and also my Heart FM 'Sunday Carve Up' programme which ran from 2004-2006.

I'm going to put together an occasional podcast of selected material from these shows and share some memories that lots of Brummies & Midlanders will have for this stuff.

Des will be on there, Black Country Bob, the Mr Men stories and some of the best parody songs we came up with too. I'll let you know when we have episodes ready!


Barmy Brummies

Hi Ian,

Barmy Brummies was a childhood favourite of mine - used to come home from school and listen on BRMB. I've heard a few of the sketches you've posted on the website here and wondered if you had the full playlist of the sketches you performed over the years. Are these posted anywhere on the internet? Would love to hear them again. Mr Men/The F1 commentator stories stick out in my memory as does a particular spice girls parody song!

Big fan! Hope to hear from you!

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