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TLOTLDR - World Cup Blog Day 8 (8th June 2014)

Our last morning in Miami and precious little to report. 

The England squad landed in Rio around the time I was surfacing to speak to Sunday Scoreboard presenters Geoff Peters & Alvin Martin, so us journos with the specific task of following the Three Lions will be 24 hours behind them by the time we land in Brasil first thing Monday morning - and there'll be no slacking off once we've grabbed our luggage off the carousels (hopefully), as it'll be pretty much straight to England's training session and an opportunity to speak with one or two players at a special event in the afternoon. 

Only then will I be able to check in to my home from home for the next 3/4/5 weeks (delete as applicable) called The Leme, or as myself and fellow rocker Phil McNulty from the BBC have already christened it, 'The Lemmy'. Same pronounciation you see. 

We're easily pleased. 

Unlike Lemmy probably...actually I heard Motörhead have become the latest rock band to organise a cruise around the Caribbean to play shows for its hardcore fans. The name? Motörboat.

Again - stop sniggering at the back.

Most of my TalkSPORT colleagues are now in Rio themselves, but they're staying in a different part of town to me, so direct contact with them will probably be limited to an England match day and the odd fleeting moment in and around those games and back in Rio itself. You keep yourself to yourself largely speaking as England correspondent, so it's rare to hook up with your colleagues too often. 

John Anderson, our England man in South Africa & Poland/Ukraine can vouch for this I'm sure. In South Africa, I didn't see John until after England had been knocked out by Germany in Bloemfontein & he joined us for a couple of days at our base outside Johannesburg. 

Mr Alan Brazil himself will be presenting his breakfast show this coming week from our main base in Rio. Difference is that, in order to be on air 6-10am UK time as usual, it requires the big man to be saying "Marrrning!!" at 2am local time! I shall monitor developments with great interest, based on previous experience. I wrote in a blog 4 years ago about how Alan had failed to show in the UK for a brekkie programme whilst I was in South Africa, leaving me about 15 minutes notice to get up and get on air following maybe 4 hours sleep.

I'm ruling nothing out, and I'm ruling nothing in ;)

Miami was lovely and the hotel staff there could not have been more friendly and helpful. It seemed the staff who served us breakfast were never off duty - always popping up throughout the day to supply more fresh orange juice. Now that we're headed for South America, I don't necessarily expect that I'll be able to source a decent cuppa, so PG Tips will have to wait a while. Water and juice it will have to be - cannot stand coffee at all, and never have liked it. 

That has saved me from the dazzlingly high priced skinny lattes and frappucinos on the high street these days, though...mind you, shoving an English Breakfast tea bag in a cup is clearly a fine art form judging by the daft costs there too.

Found a full on black lacquered grand piano whilst killing time wandering the hotel waiting for the bus to take us to the airport. Couldn't resist giving a quick rendition of Spinal Tap's 'Lick My Lovepump' with no one there to critique. I wept instantly... (in-joke)

Here's to everyone having a safe, fun and rewarding time in Brazil whoever they support. There's a lot of Americans following us down this week - evidently more US citizens have bought tickets than any other nationality outside of the hosts. 

I'll wager their Portuguese is no better than mine.


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