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Leaving Dressed To Kill - sad but true

And so it goes. Come the 4th December, I will extrapolate myself from my Peter Criss wig one last time, scrape the white, black, green, silver & red from my fizzog and prepare to hand over the DRESSED TO KILL drumstool to another poor undeserving sap.

Do I want to leave DTK? No, absolutely NOT! Since I joined in 2005, I have played my favourite songs from my favourite band to some of my favourite people – the UK KISS Army…and beyond! However, sometimes in life you have to stop doing things you love no matter how much you want to continue.

To be fair, I’ve done rather well to have lasted half a decade delicately balancing both a career and a band that demand your presence on a Saturday. If the band just played Fridays, then I’d still be clinging onto that drum stool for dear life, but the Fri/Sat gig routine is what the band needs to do in order to keep costs from getting way out of hand, and my work needs me more and more on Saturdays, so the decision has been made for me in effect.

The last 5 years have given me the best times I have ever spent in any band, whether it’s a covers/tribute act or originals. I’ve played as far afield as Spain, Norway & the Orkneys, and drummed my way through countless KISS Klassics – the band is THAT talented that adding obscurities to the set list has never ever been a problem…like adding ‘I’ve Had Enough’ to the set at the Diamond recently after one stellar run through at sound-check.

And that’s just some of the good stuff. The people I’ve met through being in DTK have been some of the friendliest and loyal folk I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing – not just the band members, of course, but also the crew members we have along for the ride, and the audiences that always always come to see us and have such a great time.

To list all the people who’ve made this band such a pleasure to be in would take me hours and hours – I could list drummer after drummer who’s helped out or just been a brilliant bloke to get on with at gigs; I could name countless guys & gals who travel ages to see us and keep on doing it; and I could tell you loads about promoters, venue bosses and kebab shop owners who deserve oodles of credit for what they do for DTK. You know who you are in that list.

But mainly, it’s been Ash, Gary and Danny (& Trevor who was ‘Ace’ before Danny ) who’ve been amazing to be around. Of course, the lads will claim I’ve jumped before I was pushed…or at least Danny will LOL!! But in all seriousness, I will be as jealous as hell when DTK go out on the road in 2011 and know that I can’t be part of it. To say I’m leaving on great terms with the boys would be something of an understatement – I never thought I’d get the chance to be in such a great, great band AND get to play KISS songs too, but that is exactly how it’s been for me –as well as to be in the company of 3 truly great friends in Ash, Gary & Danny. I salute you gents – it’s been emotional.

So I have just 4 opportunities left to suit up and rock out before I leave – Witney, Swindon, Cardiff & Norwich are the venues concerned. In fact there’s a bit of irony in the whole Norwich thing. Back in early 2000, my work schedule meant I had to leave New Jersey, the Bon Jovi tribute I’d been with for a few years, and my last show with them was in Norwich at the Oval on Dereham Road (don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore), so it’s back to Norfolk to sign off from another band on Saturday 4th December at the Brickmakers.

Of course, you should never say ‘never’ about a DTK comeback, as I rejoined New Jersey 2 years later when circumstances changed at work! So…this might be more ‘au revoir’ than goodbye – I’ll wash the costume & the wig just in case :o)

Peace & Love



Ohhhhhh thats so sad Ian!!!!

Ohhhhhh thats so sad Ian!!!! But I can totally understand why, you are the only DTK drummer I have known and it won't be the same without you!!

You were an awesome Catman, glad I saw you again recently at the Diamond!!

Take care + good luck + best wishes in all you do,

Hope to see you again some day!!

Alison xxx

Leaving DTK-Sad bit true


I can't believe you are putting away your drumsticks but understand the reasons why. It must have been a logistical nightmare trying to juggle work, the band, and home over the past decade. Pity you coundn't hang out till February 4th 2011 when the band are down to play The Robin2 in the Black Country to sign off with a "home" gig in front of many of your fans and friends. Hope to see you around at other functions and gigs in the near future

Best Wishes & Luck


Ah Ian, I agree with Tim,

Ah Ian,

I agree with Tim, shame you havn't got a 'home gig' but I'm just been selfish cause I can't get to any of your last 4. Enjoy them mate.

Karen of Docker fame. xx

Well Fawlty old boy, Dec 4th

Well Fawlty old boy, Dec 4th is going to be a very strange gig indeed.
On the one hand we'll be celebrating DTK's most successful year to date and on the other hand we'll all be saying goodbye.
Aside from the band statement on our site regarding your imminent departure I'd like to personally add that the years we've spent arguing at length about football, laughing & reinacting scenes from Alan Partridge, Monty Python, Family Guy, Its A Knockout, etc have been the happiest of my life.
You've been one of the most incredibly loyal, honest, unbiased and genuine people Ive ever had the pleasure to know....and that's not including one of the most talented musicians Ive ever shared a stage with.
Its going to be very difficult to know what to do now that my footballing cohort won't be there. I'll have to sit in mortified silence as the other two football hating dimwits talk blathering crap about bands that send me to sleep, how much rude stuff they'd like to do to Cheryl Cole, promotional psychology, hair loss, and other pointless trivia that will no doubt bore me to within an inch of my life, hahaha.
Ive never failed to enjoy your company in or away from DTK and I truly hope one day you can return and take your rightful place behind that sprawling black DW kit.
"Your a top bloke Alan.....I don't care what they say"

Stay in touch or I'll never speak to you again .....

....and shut up, you girl !!!

I've Had Enough was amazing,

I've Had Enough was amazing, can't believe you all nailed it after 1 run through - there's chemistry for you - good luck, and make a guest appearance for us one day, won't you? x

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