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Friday 2nd April

“So Ian Danter’s started his own website has he? Big-headed pillock – what’s he done that for? I know what he does for a living!”

Well, I would venture to say that maybe you don’t, you imaginary nay-sayer you, and that’s why this little section of cyberspace has been freshly occupied by me. For roughly the last 10 years of my working career, no 2 weeks have ever been the same. Whether I’ve been putting in 10-hour shifts trying to make folk laugh as they drive home from work, earning daft sums for talking on a 30 second advert, or waxing lyrical as Darren Byfield scores beyond injury time for Walsall to beat Colchester, I’ve had plenty to keep me occupied.

And that’s still the case today. It’s not all talkSPORT for me, you see, although it remains my first home and my top priority, even as a freelance broadcaster. I have, for instance, learned never to rule out the possibility of my phone ringing sometime around 5am of a weekday morning from a desperate member of talkSPORT’s production staff, asking if I can cover for Alan Brazil who’s ‘got a bad throat/cough/chest/tip at Cheltenham yesterday (delete as applicable). I seem to sleep with one eye open now, like a guard dog.

But those occasions are rare (trust me!) and other stuff comes along on top of my work in Waterloo – hosting sporting dinners, selling handmade jewellery on the goggle box, putting on make-up and seeing if Stourbridge River Rooms is ready to rock (it is) and commentating on all manner of obscure European sides in the UEFA Europa League…variety is most certainly the spice of life.

And so, after a number of instances where I’ve been told “Oh, right – I didn’t know you did that too, Ian – I should call you sometime, then…” from folks I’ve done work for, the time has come to tell the world that there’s more to Ian Danter than just long hair and a KISS & Birmingham City fixation. I bid you welcome to

This blog will be updated as and when to give you a flavour what I’m up to and why I’m doing it – enjoy!


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