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Stronger Than That

This tune was one of four tracks that I recorded back in 1998 at the home studio belonging to Ron Rogers, the T’Pau guitarist who wrote the band’s 2 biggest hits in the 80’s, namely ‘China In Your Hand’ and ‘Heart & Soul’. Ron & I had become good friends through my time with Welsh glamsters Sons Of God, and he had produced some of that band’s material at his farmhouse.

I was desperate to prove to myself as much as anybody that I could write, arrange and perform songs without outside help from my musician friends and the session I booked with Ron was the acid test. ‘Stronger Than That’ was the song that got the most compliments from the chosen few who ever got to hear it. That’s me on drums, bass, guitars and vocals in case I hadn’t made it clear – Ron did a fantastic job of coaxing the right performances from me and his production for just a few hours work is staggeringly good.